Posted on Oct 22, 2019

The Mortgage Bureau

Pepper Money’s Adverse Credit Study of 4,163 people in the UK, 15% had experienced credit problems, including missed payments, CCJs, defaults and arrears, in the last three years.

Of those, 16% said they were planning to purchase a property in the next year, suggesting around 1.26 million people in the UK, a sizeable and potentially lucrative market for mortgage brokers to tap into.

Some 69% of respondents with adverse credit who were looking to get on the property market or remortgage said they were worried about an application being declined however, 95% of those with adverse credit who applied for a mortgage had it approved on the first attempt.

Furthermore, although adverse credit history affected the application process of 50% of respondents, just 5% had been rejected the first time they applied.

A spokesmen at Pepper Money, said: “This research shows that the potential adverse credit mortgage market is larger than probably anybody had assumed.

“Good news is that there are plenty of competitive options from lenders, where decisions are made by underwriters who will take a pragmatic view of the customer’s previous circumstances and future ability to maintain payments on a mortgage.”

As whole of market mortgage advisers, we are best placed to be able to assist clients who have expertise financial difficulties in the past.

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